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Hello! I’m Maria! Probably the oldest travel blogger in Greece, focusing on solo travel. All these years, my
goal is to see as many places as I can. Fill my mind with pictures and my soul with feelings and unique
moments that one can acquire only through traveling. By traveling the world, my aim is to lift you from
your feet so that you travel a little bit more. If I can do it, you can do it too!
I started blogging in 2012 and this year my blog is turning 10 years old, through a course of lots of flights,
lots of travel miles, laughing, crying, successes, failures and a TEDx talk about how your hobby can
eventually become your full-time job!
Here, you will find ideas for journeys, inspiration to save up and accomplish bucket list experiences,
packing and travel tips, stories about trains, people and lots of inspiration to travel alone (too)!
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There are so many places and even more experiences worth visiting and living. Personally, I have managed to accomplish many of my bucket list goals and I have travelled to more than 50 countries, so that I have the knowledge and the mood to suggest ideas and inspire you to travel too!

Solo Travel

Travelling solo for a decade now, all these years I have accumulated lists, experiences and texts to guide you through how to organize your solo travels without any inconvenience. Read the reasons why traveling solo and suggestions to destinations that are solo traveler friendly.

Train Travels

If you ask me, there is not a more romantic mean of transport than a train! You sit at your seat and enjoy a time travel through routes that no other mean of transport can offer you. Bridges, rivers, meadows with cows, snowy landscapes, little wooden houses, small and big cities. All these behind the train window. Find some ideas about short train roots and epic trips with overnight stays on the move like the Trans-Siberian railway.


Travel Guides

Where will you go? Where will you eat? Where are the prettiest cafes of a big city hidden? Where will you relax mentally and physically at a small village of an unknown country? You will find all the answers here! Get some ideas! And do not forget, nothing is impossible, and no destination is difficult, if you go there prepared.

Travel tips & hacks

How to travel light with a small carry on? How to find the cheapest air tickets? What is the best month to  travel? How will you organize a road trip? Where will you find a sim card for internet in a country outside Europe? How will I become a travel blogger or travel full time? All these and more of your questions, I answer them in the articles that follow.


Here you will find articles filled with inner thoughts I had on a night train to Vienna, thoughts while I was flying over the Atlantic or sitting at an airport waiting for the check-in desk to open. Thoughts I had when I was at home stuck to a different routine that the pandemic made me experience, also concerns I wanted to write on paper when I was too sad, happy or in love. I share all these things with you, and they might not be connected to traveling but most of the time were written while I was traveling.

Travel with me

Since 2018, an idea of traveling along with other women who follow me and read my blog and show to them how is traveling to distant places with no friends and contacts, opening your heart to a non-familiar feeling and creating new friendships and mostly new experiences occurred to me. TforTravel.gr organized and accompanied more than 80 Greek women in 2019 and 2020 and after a long 2-year-pause, we are lustily starting the 2022 trips. Become a member of #Tfortravelfamily!

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