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Let Me Show You My Athens

When I’m not away traveling and exploring some remote place of the world, I like wandering around Athens, finding new, “Instagram-worthy” corners my own city has to offer. I was born, raised, studied, fallen in love, worked, dreamt, got drunk, lived away from for four years and above all, kept discovering through it all for as long as I remember. #LetMeShowYouMyAthens – this shall be the hashtag I’ll be using for now on to feature some of my favorite spots around Athens. By following it, you’ll able to follow my whereabouts, as I’ll be sharing the corners of the city I love on a daily basis. Under that hashtag, you’ll discover only those places I really love and visit regurarly or even a spot I happened to find and needed a way to remind myself to visit again or even those places I would suggest my foreign friends to visit…

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