με τρένα στην Ιταλία


Transiberiana Italiana: Italy’s own Trans-Siberian Train

It all began with a hashtag on Instagram. I searched it, in order to find some photos of my favorite train route – the Trans-Siberian one. Only this time, I stumbled upon another Trans-Siberian hashtag which was called #LaTransiberianaitaliana! Why the “Trans-Siberian” of Italy? That is a great question. After I spent some time online, looking for an answer, I addressed my question to the volunteers of the Association of Friends of Trains “Le Rotaie”, asking them for more information. Why is a train thousands of kilometers away from Siberia called the “Trans-Siberian?” I wondered. “You should come and see why” their reply was. And like the crazy train lover I am, I packed my backpack. Destination? Rome! After a flight to Vienna, a trip to enjoy a few days in Venice during the Carnival , I finally took the train to Rome after a week travelling around Europe. (Stay tuned for…