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#KeralaStories: First impressions

“Welcome to Thiruvananthapuram” This… mouthful of a word was a part of the pilot’s first few words after we landed in Kerala and all I was thinking was if I would be able to pronounce it correctly during the next few days. As I was making my way out of the plane, the heat wave hit me like a slap in the face! 35 degrees at 3 AM? Wow! I headed towards the exit, taking off layers of clothing at the same time. The team of the KeralaBlogExpress project had to be there waiting for my arrival and while being worried about someone actually showing up, I saw a big sign with my name on it. Flowers and lots of smiles came with it – One thing is for sure in India; they’ll make you feel special! 15 minutes later, in a cab, I was literally worrying my heart…

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