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5 Q & As About Travel Blogging in Greece

Should anyone ask me 5 years ago what travel blogging meant to me, I would most certainly reply using my experience of what Nomadic Matt and 2 to 3 other bloggers were doing at the time, mostly in the US and England. I had entered the world of blogging a few years before that, in 2009, when an academic professor introduced us to the blogosphere and assigned us to create a blog. That was my very first experience with blogging in general – my first post was about freedom of speech. The one after that? My trip to Venice. About a year later, I found myself in Italy – I had just moved and I was struggling with boxes of all kinds. It was September of 2010 and I had already forgotten the very existence of this very first blog of mine. During my Master years in Digital Media and…

Trans-Mongolian: Next stop Mongolia

The Trans-Mongolian offers a whole different experience compared to the Trans-Siberian; a much newer and consequently, cleaner and modern train, I definitely wish I could spend more time on than just 24 hours. In my cabin this time, I meet a Mongolian guy that seems quite disturbed by my presence. He nearly spoke to me during the rest of the trip!