The coal-fired train

Travelling by train … Let me think! Do you know what  it came to my mind? Scattered pictures and memories from my summer journeys with KARVOUNIARIS! * How many times haven’t I travelled with my mother and my sisters from Athens to Thessaloniki?! I remember the dirty waiting room of the Larissis Station and my mother validating our tickets full of anxiety! Her endless fair of losing us was eating her insides! Three little kids in the train station, it’s not easy to deal with! We were taking the train at night, around 23.00 and we were entering the wagons of the dirty, slow, old but loved KARVOUNIARIS with the hope of arriving at Thessaloniki at 5 in the morning. Most of the times I remember grumbling, because we were forced to sit on our suitcases in the middle of the hallway because of the crowded wagons and the reserved…

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