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It’s been a while since I shared my thoughts with you.

Lately, I haven’t been writing that much about the things that concern me, as much as I did in the past. And that’s ok, since we’ve all been through more introvert and extrovert phases of our lives.

So, today is one of the days I feel like talking. So I thought I should write down my thoughts.

There were three really good reasons that got me into sitting in front of my laptop, writing again.

Reason no. 1  

“We all travel to escape life” I heard someone saying a few days ago. I was literally furious hearing that. How could anyone have such a narrow mind? Traveling is the exact opposite I thought and I felt bad I didn’t have the chance to explain that to him. Anyway, he wouldn’t understand.

We travel to see new places – places we only had the chance to see through the pages of a magazine, on a website or on television. To feel the excitement of exploring a new city, seeing a famous landmark that catches our breath.

We travel to take a break from everyday life.

Photo credits: Gaby Rivas

Photo credits: Gaby Rivas

We travel so that we can fully realise that we’re not alone on this planet, so we can check the similarities and differences we have with other human beings on this planet and so that we can appreciate all the good and the bad in our lives. Ultimately, traveling helps us realise how lucky we are for everything we have and what we can do to achieve our goals.

We travel to relax and revive, filling our eyes and soul with colors and images, experiencing new feelings. We travel to love and be loved, we travel to meet new people who may be speaking a different language but, deep down, they are identical to us.

We travel to find the time to love ourselves and believe in our powers. Because traveling helps us love ourselves, forgive us for past mistakes and realise our potentials in the future.

Reason no. 2

I was having dinner with a few friends when I happened to hear that they have never traveled abroad – despite being my age – because they are either afraid of flights or they had children and they think it’s impossible to leave the country.

Both reasons are UNACCEPTABLE. Being afraid of flying is just a trick of the mind. And what about flying with a baby abroad? Why is it easier to fly to Crete than to Italy? If you never try you’ll never know. Booking a flight and a great hotel room is easier – and cheaper – than ever, so why not?


It is a lot easier to access even the most remote corner of the planet than it was a few decades ago. Keep an open mind to everything new, everything different. We owe it to ourselves and our children. To overcome your own fears will teach your children to do so in the future. It will teach them to accept the different, to stand up to their values while respecting other peoples’ values.

Fear won’t help you go any further than where you are. It stops you from following your dreams, it petrifies you. Fear can only cause more fear, misunderstanding and hate. And that’s not what life is all about.

Reason no. 3

I overheard a conversation between two friends while I was in the subway the other day. One of them was stating, excited as anyone could be, that after falling in love, he felt more creative than ever. His friend strongly agreed.

Me? I absolutely disagree. Love isn’t always creative, my friends! That’s what I wanted to tell them but I didn’t.

Love comes swooning in, comes into your life without asking permission, it gives purpose and meaning into your everyday life. Eyes glowing, a big smile on your face giving away your happiness. It is the opposite of creativity; it blurs your vision and stops you from being your most creative self.

You check your phone instead of working, you smile all the time. You check your watch with anxiety, waiting to see him or her. Logical mind leaves youday by day because your heart is taking over.


You can’t focus enough to write. Why? Because love and creativity don’t go together. Heart and mind have both abandoned you – they are with that special “one”. If you are lucky enough, he/she will be near. If you are not, he/she will be a thousand miles away.

At some point, you have to bring your heart and mind back “home”. You start working more efficiently again, writing, creating. You think of the time you were in love with happiness and understanding. You were lucky to feel so happy but you know it’s time to function normally again.

You finally realise that true love motivates you, evolves and makes you more creative.

Being in love simply disorientates you. It leaves as quickly as it comes.

P.S. All of the above are my personal opinions and, of course, they are not the rule – neither the exception.

I would love to hear what you think.





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