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An Idea, a destination, a time schedule, a ticket, a discussion, the determination, the  preparation, a train Station and ………a train! A trainstory starts like this, after going through the above steps…

Some would say, that the most important part of a voyage is the IDEA! But, I don’t know what was it that triggered your journey by train  and why someone would might want to travel by train…because according to me it’s not that the main point! But at least, I can asssure you that I know this strange feeling of being on the train, cause I’ve been there,  I’ve done that: you move ….. you go forward! What’s better of the feeling of  the movement,the freedom, the evolution?

Everyone in and out of the train is moving : The passengers, the ticket inspector, even the colorful suitcases stacked on top of each other seem to dance the same cancan rhythm -this familiar rhythm that has the train while is on move. Outside the windows, the  nature, the buildings, the rain, every single entity is moving! Even the colors … they’re moving and changing at the same time … just like the thoughts of your mind …

It’s true, when you’re on the train, your thoughts are  moving to any direction, to any destination … You’re free … you move, you go forward and create your own trainstories… There are no limits, no rules, no restrictions. Just the feeling of wisdom, that precious feeling that you’re experiencing while traveling and moving freely wherever you want …

So what are you waiting for? Those who haven’t tasted it yet, do not wait any longer! Take the first train and just enjoy the part that you can feel FREE!

Lucia Bel.

studied Journalism at

Panteion University

and Criminology at the University

of Leeds, England.



Travel Blogger & solo traveler | Digital PR & Community Manager

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