Meteora in a weekend

Meteora is an extraordinary place. My heart stopped when I got off the train in Kalampaka. I looked up towards the immense, solid rocks and I remember exclaiming: “Is this place real? You have got to be kidding!” The astonishing Meteora rocks hanging over the town of Kalampaka, is a sight beyond every imagination. I had never seen anything like this before – and I’ve been around a lot! I took my beloved train from Larissa Station, the central train station at around 8:30 on a Saturday morning and 5 hours later, I was in Kalampaka. Note that, despite it being a long train ride, it was a pleasant one with breathtaking views of the nature, picturesque villages, tunnels, different sceneries and colors. Arriving in Kalampaka, I found the team waiting to show me around. They are a group of locals, greatly in love with their birth place, passionate…

The gorge of Samaria was on my bucket list for years as it was a must-visit destination for me. Since I had never been to Crete until 2015 and the fact that I thought that one should be in great shape to walk through the gorge, I only came to visit it six months before my 30th birthday. It was only then when I decided to put on my running shoes and stand at Xyloskalo where the path starts, ready to do it.

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