Traveling to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

Puerto Rico, the sun-washed exotic paradise located in the northeast Caribbean Sea, next to the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Jamaica is yet to be discovered by Greece’s outbound tourism with the extent of the relationships between the two countries remaining close to non-existent – except for a hit song in Greece by Vaya Con Dios: “Ay ay ay ay Puerto Rico”. Besides that, Puerto Rico has become popular over the years thanks to celebrities like Ricky Martin, Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez or by the 2017 song “Despacito” by the Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi who travelled to San Juan to film the song’s videoclip. A couple of years ago, I started working on a project in collaboration with a Puerto Rican travel blogger, Arnaldo Santiago, who introduced me to the island’s spirit: “Maria”, he’d say, “you should visit Puerto Rico in December” and made me dream of spending Christmas…

Hawaii is a group of islands in the central Pacific Ocean with high volcanic activity. The islands of the Hawaiian Archipelago were actually forged by the power of volcanoes millions of years ago. Six of the islands are permanently inhabited with tourism being a major industry in the country.

It’s been a week since I am back in Athens from the Caribbean paradise of Puerto Rico and I can’t even put into words the fascinating adventure this trip was.The feeling of wearing a swimsuit in December, during Christmas and swimming into the sea was so new to me and I was more than excited to have finally taken the trip I was planning for the past two years – the bonds we’ve created with many Boricuas over the years were reason enough to make me super-enthusiastic to be there!

I’m the type of traveller who leaves behind every preconceived idea of a place I may have before visiting it but, I must admit, I was prejudiced towards Sofia since I had that unfounded belief that it was an unsafe city, one of those capitals without an identity of her own that featured a combination of characteristics from other significant European countries such as Italy/Germany/England

Malta came into my life long before I set foot on the island. My boyfriend of the time had moved to Malta to take English lessons – it is a far better destination for young Italians to learn English than the UK thanks to its close proximity to Italy and the great weather.

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