Cinque Terre by train

Cinque Terre, the five villages. Set amid one of the most picturesque and romantic sceneries of the world, Cinque Terre had me at hello! This remote part of the Italian Riviera, consists of five tiny port towns in the Liguria region, hence its name; Cinque Terre. If you are to visit this part of Italy, I suggest you choose one of the five villages for your accommodation and explore the remaining four during your day there or, ideally, during a 3-day stay in Cinque Terre. Cinque Terre consists of five villages including Monterroso, Vernazza,  Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore, all part of the Cinque Terre National Park (Parco Nazionale della Cinque Terre) and since 1997 a Unesco World Heritage Site. I admit I had never visited this magical part of the planet, not even during my 3-year stay in Italy a few years ago. It was about time I took the…

To me, on the contrary, Athens is an amazing city with a unique personality. A living and breathing organism that slowly but steadily develops, growing better each day. Each step forward brings a series of setbacks and difficulties but that doesn’t prevent many young Athenians from trying to revitalize the city’s image and spirit.

“Aren’t you afraid?” I’ve heard that question so many times in the past – in almost every trip I take whether it is a million miles away or an 1-hour trip from home. The word “fear” keeps coming up in every conversation I have lately.

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