10 λόγοι να πας Ινδία


#KeralaStories: 10 reasons to visit India

You’ve never been to India – you’d love to plan a trip but you’re quite hesitant. Well, not anymore, since today I’ll list 10 reasons why you should visit India without a second thought! The impressive Taj Mahal next to skinny people sitting silent in empty, dirty streets peering at passers-by with their huge eyes; that’s what comes to most people’s mind when they think of India. But that is not what India is all about. It’s a country full of colors, full of spicy foods and the smell of spices in the air, it’s a country of inspiring music, magical beaches, huge areas of green and aquatic roads crossing all its southwestern coast. It’s a country made out of its differences. Northern India is quite poor, with a high percentage of illiteracy among its residents – 90% of those are Hindus – warm climate, high temperatures and cities and…

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