My Transsiberian Dream


Trans-Siberian – Next Station: Siberia

When I finally left Moscow, I hopped on board the world’s most famous train, the Trans-Siberian, in order to cross Siberia. Since I’ve already given you a taste of what to pack for the TransSiberian and what to do in Moscow, let me take you directly to my next stop: the so-called Siberian Paris; the city of Irkutsk. I guess that when you’re thinking of Siberia, the first thing that pops in your head is the freezing cold and the huge amount of snow covering the region’s vast fields. The very word “Siberia” means “the country that sleeps” (or even better, “hibernating”) in Mongolian. At the beginning of July though, when I arrived there, it was extremely hot – the temperature was stuck at 35°C – making me wonder how could it be that during the winter, the temperature reached a low of -30°C at the same exact place. So, in the…

Trans-Siberian Railway: ΤΕΝ Q&As

It’s about a month since I came back from my Trans-Siberian trip and after loads of emails and Facebook messages concerning every single detail of my journey, I came to realize that there are a lot of you out there who dream and wish to take this trip but still got a lot of questions that want them answered before leaving. So, I decided to help clear some things out for those of you that are daring enough to hop on the train and follow their dream. A series of posts with Trans-Siberian tips will follow throughout September to completely enlighten you on the subject and sort everything out. So, are you ready? Let’s go! Where and how do I buy my Trans-Siberian tickets? There isn’t a single  train ticket to get you to every destination of every country the Trans-Siberian crosses; there are several tickets for every train you’ll…


“There is no railway journey of comparable length anywhere in the world.The Trans-Siberian is the big train ride.  All the rest are peanuts.” Eric Newby wrote in his book “The Big Red Train Ride” published in 1978. 37 years later, here I am, a crazy trainlover booking a ticket on the same train, determined to decide whether or not our beloved British author was right. TransSiberian Railway ; the railway line crossing 1/3 of our planet – almost 8,000 km – cfollowing a 6-days route, connecting Russia from one side to the other. There are two ways to cross Siberia riding the TransSiberian; either you jump on the continuous line or you choose the line that makes several stops along the way, offering you the chance to hop on and off between cities. You should choose the latter; it is undoubtedly not only the cheapest but the most interesting way…

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