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5 reasons to choose solo backpacking

To take your friends, boyfriend or girlfriend, grab your backpack and start traveling the world seems like an extremely exciting concept for some people and a completely crazy one for others. To grab your backpack and begin a solo journey requires double the craziness, as solo backpacking isn’t made for everyone and it’s surely not the most hygienic trip you’ll take (remember my Trans-Siberian trip?) but it is definitely a great experience – an experience worth living as it completely changes you day by day, helping you constantly evolve through it. Let me just explain you how… Going out of your comfort zone Solo traveling is a deliberating experience but you shouldn’t be confused: it isn’t a relaxing or carefree one. At least not from the beginning as stepping out of your comfort zone means you’ll be away of your safety net: away from your everyday life, your friends and…

10 Things I Learned While Travelling

To live is to learn – everyone knows that. But there’s a better teacher, much better than life itself and it’s called “travelling the world”. In just one trip you may find yourself becoming not only wiser in knowledge and experiences but a completely tranformed human being. Chances are, you’ll be redefining your whole worldview. Each and every trip is a lesson to be learned and you should start thinking like that in order to enjoy it on its fullest. If you’re the kind of traveller who enjoys spending time between a fancy hotel and an exotic beach, maybe you should skip this post – I won’t judge you. It’s a post for those of us who enjoy travelling, strolling in small, cute alleys of some faraway town, chit-chatting with the locals and stepping out of our comfort zone. Even for those, who only dream of “diving” into an ocean…

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