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#KeralaStories: 10 reasons to visit India

You’ve never been to India – you’d love to plan a trip but you’re quite hesitant. Well, not anymore, since today I’ll list 10 reasons why you should visit India without a second thought! The impressive Taj Mahal next to skinny people sitting silent in empty, dirty streets peering at passers-by with their huge eyes; that’s what comes to most people’s mind when they think of India. But that is not what India is all about. It’s a country full of colors, full of spicy foods and the smell of spices in the air, it’s a country of inspiring music, magical beaches, huge areas of green and aquatic roads crossing all its southwestern coast. It’s a country made out of its differences. Northern India is quite poor, with a high percentage of illiteracy among its residents – 90% of those are Hindus – warm climate, high temperatures and cities and…

#KeralaStories: Elephants, Yoga & Bollywood

“What’s in today’s program?” I asked Kenney, the organizer of Kerala Tourism blog express project. “Elephants bathing, a yoga course, rowing and something I can’t tell you about – it’s a surprise” he replied with a secretive smile. I leaned back to my seat, anxiously waiting for the bus to begin. We left Trivandrum, heading to Kollam. It was a 3-hours trip full of green landscapes, colorful cities, some intense glances and lots of on-the-go shots. I just couldn’t get enough of it! First stop: Elephant Rehabilitation Centre! We arrived there at around 9.30 a.m. (tell me about an early wake up call…). The centre is located in Kotur and as Manoj – our guide – explained, it is where elephants with a history of abuse from every corner of India were transferred in order to recover. He added that it is common for wealthy people in India to own elephants as pets …

#KeralaStories: The Press Conference, the Temple & the Bus

“30 travel bloggers from 21 countries on an enchanting journey across Kerala!” The bus that would help us explore one of the most exotic areas of India had this phrase written all over it. Yes, that’s right; we had a bus exclusively for our transportation, a bus that was meant to become our “home” for the next 2 weeks. A pleasant surprise awaited us on our 1st day, as we began this journey with the Minister of Health of India welcoming us at Mascot Hotel and quite a few journalists taking brief interviews from all the bloggers, plus asking us to present our blogs. Until next morning we were on every newspaper and news website around the country! Wohoo! We then had lunch at the hotel and prepared to hit the road to explore the city of Trivandrum for the very first time! (On food now; that’s a whole different…

#KeralaStories: A night -and a half- to remember

Ok, you may have heard me saying this before but believe me when I say that, when you will be virtually traveling with me, it won’t just be about exploring some picturesque (or not so much) parts of the world. It won’t be about sight-seeing or listing all the ‘must-visit’ restaurants of an area. It will be about hearing stories from people living all around the world or seeing the faces of those my life crossed paths with. It will be about quoting every conversation I had with the locals, any words I shared with fellow travel bloggers, about me living in their houses or planning a trip with someone I’ve just met. It’s not a coincidence I named my blog ‘Travel Stories’. Stories are the bread and butter of this travel blog. Because, I do believe that a story can’t be interesting unless it comes with a name and…

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