Kerala a night to rember


#KeralaStories: A night -and a half- to remember

Ok, you may have heard me saying this before but believe me when I say that, when you will be virtually traveling with me, it won’t just be about exploring some picturesque (or not so much) parts of the world. It won’t be about sight-seeing or listing all the ‘must-visit’ restaurants of an area. It will be about hearing stories from people living all around the world or seeing the faces of those my life crossed paths with. It will be about quoting every conversation I had with the locals, any words I shared with fellow travel bloggers, about me living in their houses or planning a trip with someone I’ve just met. It’s not a coincidence I named my blog ‘Travel Stories’. Stories are the bread and butter of this travel blog. Because, I do believe that a story can’t be interesting unless it comes with a name and…

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Ταξιδιωτικοί οδηγοί, ιδέες για ταξίδια και τρόποι για να αποταμιεύσεις για το επόμενο ταξίδι σου αλλά και σκέψεις και inspiration για το πρώτο σου solo ταξίδι! Όλα εδώ!

Happy Travels!