"Tickets please!"

“Your tickets please!” Ever heard of this specific phrase coming from the mouth of a ticket inspector !? Who hasn’t, right? Personally, all these times that I hear this phrase, even if  I have a ticket, I start sweating. I don’t know why … probably due to the bad memories of my school / teenage years, when I was hopping with my friends on the train and we were feeling cool not validating our tickets … but still, everytime I was seeing  someone entering the train, who according to me, had the face of a ticket inspector I “was peeing my pants” from the fear! In Greece, the fare inspectors -when they decide to do a public appearance – look like a governor ! That is the style of a man who believes that is doing the most important job in the world and owns the place! What is more, when…

The wrong…ticket

December 2005. That week seemed to me endless. I was looking forward to Saturday’s morning as I would catch the train to go to the airport and pick up my sisters who were coming from Cyprus for a long week in Greece ! I was going to welcome them for the first time in my new home in Athens and I wanted to do everything to show them that I had learned everything  I needed to know in order to live in this crazy city. I had already completed three months as a student in Athens and one of the most important things that was feeling proud of was that I was no longer losing my orientation every time that I was entering in the train… Square Panormou on Saturday morning hosts one of the biggest flea markets, from which it appears that the whole neighborhood shops-except me of course!…

Ballet, dreams and étoile

Today, I am pleased to introduce the second article of the new section entitled “my friends …the trains!” A puzzle of short stories of the experiences in the trains narrated by my friends! Because as I’ve already wrote in my first post: “the journey iseven funnier and more interesting  when you share it with your friends …” Milan – Bologna, my favorite route! Few weeks ago I took the intercity train, the one that has separate cabins for six people in each wagon. It was the first time after lots of years that I was taking this type of train. I think that I was only a child since the last time that I’ve taken this train and in fact, being there remind me of  something really familiar but not specific, maybe I took it during a school trip, I can’ t really remember! Well, let’s go back to the…

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