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Lesvos Island – My experience (Part I)

I’m there. Still there. While physically I am back in Athens, I’ve left my heart in Lesvos. After a week on the island, each time I lay down to sleep I recall two images – two powerful images I’ve got stuck in my brain for the past few days: The huge piles of life jackets and those pairs of huge black eyes looking around with anxiety and a sparkle of hope; “Am I in Europe?” “Is this Greece?” I arrived in Mytilene on Thursday morning along with F. and A. They both read my blog but it was the first time I met them in person. For the next few days we would share a room in order to share the accomodation expenses and of course, offer volunteer work in every possible way. There was a bus scheduled to leave at 11 am heading to Molyvos. After an hour and…

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