10 reasons to visit Sitia

Here come again these gloomy, winter days when the only thing to cheer you up is either reminiscing about your summer holidays or daydreaming about the future ones to come. Of course, since it’s a bit early to think of summer or summer holidays for that matter, all I can do for now is try adding a pop of blue in the grey winter days by going through the photos I’ve taken 15 days ago on my last trip in Sitia. Located in eastern Crete, Sitia is a magical place. A place that seduced me and made me think of spending the summer of 2016 there to explore the hidden treasures of Sitia – as it was practically impossible to see everything during my 2-day stay there. Plus, I was promised an authentic Cretan fair at the village of Exo Mouliana in the beginning of August. With that on mind,…

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Ταξιδιωτικοί οδηγοί, ιδέες για ταξίδια και τρόποι για να αποταμιεύσεις για το επόμενο ταξίδι σου αλλά και σκέψεις και inspiration για το πρώτο σου solo ταξίδι! Όλα εδώ!

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