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Exist different types of passengers and may seem impossible to categorize them, but If you take a closer look at a random wagon will definitely find them all gathered there …

  • In the first category belongs the businessman ! It’s easy to recognize him or her from the blue tie, the briefcase and the pc or the classy  suit and the high heels. They always seem stressed  and keep talking loudly on the cell phone while looking around them with suspicion. The reason why they  do not sit in the first class? They don’t want to spend money I guess!
  • Second category: the connected ones! They spend all their time holding their  mobile phone either speaking or writing messages. In this category were also added the smartphone people (see iphone, ipad, Samsung galaxy etc).
  • The Tourist is the next category with the extra-large luggages and many kids who grumble and run like crazy. You recognize them from  the desperate and  scared  look  as they always afraid of losing their kids or the right train stop.
  • The next  passenger type is the book reader and the newspaper reader who are always lost  in the text they read. They probably have never looked outside the window but they always manage to get off the train in time .
  • The secret readers, their weapon  is the “mystic glance”! Secretly reading their fellow passenger’s newspaper and they don’t give a damn if they are rude.
  • The hand worker is the most smelly category! You’ll understand who  they are from the beer in their hand.
  • The teenagers compose another big  and loud category. They don’t stop moving and keep walking up and down the wagons because  they avoid the ticket inspector. Obviously they don’t have  ticket  and  they insist on not buying one!
  • The most exotic category is the one of the Chinese and African Americans who are easy to be spotted from the big, overstaffed carton bags.
  • Next category are the Sleepyheads, the best passenger type! They enter the train, sit  and it takes them only one minute in orden to fall asleep. They arrive at their destination fresh and  loaded! (Favorite category)
  • Grandparents with dogs and shopping bags. If you don’t  stand up leaving them the sit they look at you with disapprovement.
  • Last but not least the crazy ones! In the train it’s always easy to find the one with a red shirt who talks to his bag, the one that screams and at the same time talks with gods and demons, the drunk guy and the type of person that starts talking to everyone because he’s bored and doesn’t know what to do.

PS: There is also the guest star category but as it is not a standard category I’am going to describe it more precisely  in another post.

Btw, If you ask me, I definitely belong to the sleepyhead category!



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