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The three reasons that inspired this post

It’s been a while since I shared my thoughts with you. Lately, I haven’t been writing that much about the things that concern me, as much as I did in the past. And that’s ok, since we’ve all been through more introvert and extrovert phases of our lives. So, today is one of the days I feel like talking. So I thought I should write down my thoughts. There were three really good reasons that got me into sitting in front of my laptop, writing again. Reason no. 1   “We all travel to escape life” I heard someone saying a few days ago. I was literally furious hearing that. How could anyone have such a narrow mind? Traveling is the exact opposite I thought and I felt bad I didn’t have the chance to explain that to him. Anyway, he wouldn’t understand. We travel to see new places – places…

Trans-Mongolian: Next stop Mongolia

The Trans-Mongolian offers a whole different experience compared to the Trans-Siberian; a much newer and consequently, cleaner and modern train, I definitely wish I could spend more time on than just 24 hours. In my cabin this time, I meet a Mongolian guy that seems quite disturbed by my presence. He nearly spoke to me during the rest of the trip!

10 Things I Learned While Travelling

To live is to learn – everyone knows that. But there’s a better teacher, much better than life itself and it’s called “travelling the world”. In just one trip you may find yourself becoming not only wiser in knowledge and experiences but a completely tranformed human being. Chances are, you’ll be redefining your whole worldview. Each and every trip is a lesson to be learned and you should start thinking like that in order to enjoy it on its fullest. If you’re the kind of traveller who enjoys spending time between a fancy hotel and an exotic beach, maybe you should skip this post – I won’t judge you. It’s a post for those of us who enjoy travelling, strolling in small, cute alleys of some faraway town, chit-chatting with the locals and stepping out of our comfort zone. Even for those, who only dream of “diving” into an ocean…

“510 euros as a basic salary… not enough for spray”

While waiting for the suburban train which would take me to the airport, I noticed a graffiti on one of the station walls .After taking a snapshot of the above picture, I stopped and started staring at it while on my mind were running the images and the moments of my week in Athens. On the wall was written: 510 euros as a basic salary … are not enough for spray The quick return back to my country made me see more clearly and realize that all those things that are being said on the foreign tv channels are  actually true. When I was entering the train and heading for the city center I’ve noticed that my fellow passengers were constantly angry and ready to kick the others’ ass. Better not to mention that the times that I forgot to move myself so as to leave the other passengers hop off…

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