Train madness

I entered the Law School of Democritus University of Thrace in Greece in September 2004 and this is when all the train madness begun. Splitting my time between Komotini (the student city) and Xanthi (hometown), made the occasional train ride necessary. This was the first sign of the beginning of my independent life as a student-common sense dictates that when people turn 18, they get a car but, no, I got on a train. Since then, I used to take the train because it is the cheapest mode of transport in Greece and more importantly a place where lively discussions, with a strong touch of gossip, take place! I cannot even start with the stories you can hear in a train but come to think of it now, I am going to give it a try. So, one night, I took the train to get to Athens. I considered it…

The first time…

This morning it was impossible to sleep in the train! The reason was the woman next to me  who couldn’t stop chatting with another  passenger in front of us. Their favorite argument : the yesterday s rain in Milan… I tried a little more but their voices couldn’t let me sleep, so I put the ear headphones to avoid their  annoying chat and immersed myself in an hour of  thoughts  accompanied by the music sound of  Beatles. Listening to the Yellow submarine remind me of the first time when I took the train during my trip in Germany…and automatically tried to remember all the first times that I got on a train and the mood in which I was at that moment! So, let’s think about it! The first time that  I took the train was in Athens, when I had to go for the first time at the Panellinios…

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