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This morning it was impossible to sleep in the train! The reason was the woman next to me  who couldn’t stop chatting with another  passenger in front of us. Their favorite argument : the yesterday s rain in Milan… I tried a little more but their voices couldn’t let me sleep, so I put the ear headphones to avoid their  annoying chat and immersed myself in an hour of  thoughts  accompanied by the music sound of  Beatles.

Listening to the Yellow submarine remind me of the first time when I took the train during my trip in Germany…and automatically tried to remember all the first times that I got on a train and the mood in which I was at that moment!

  • So, let’s think about it! The first time that  I took the train was in Athens, when I had to go for the first time at the Panellinios Gymnastics Association. I was 13 years old and  I was just starting to do athletics! I remember my parents who in order to be sure that I would find my way to the Victoria Station, had arrived before me at the station and called a little later to tell me to start all alone from home  and catch the train to Victoria.

I remember how scared I was and how proud I felt when I saw my parents seated in a café waiting for me with a big smile on their faces as If their daughter was the smartest kid in the world, because I did it well and I didn’t miss the train or the way to Victoria Station.

  • The first time I took the train outside Athens, must have been when I decided to go alone to Thessaloniki ,when I was in the First Grade. Ticket at Larissa station and then intercity train until the second capital of Greece. On that trip I started  writing my thoughts on the paper, and I suppose that it was the first time to realize that  trains inspire me! I remember that I felt very happy and at the same time full of impatience, reading poems and dreaming of moving one day to the adorable and sparkling Thessaloniki.
  • The first time that I took the train abroad was when I went to Germany. From Dortmund to KÖln with a two decker  train with a good company and poetic mood. On that trip I wrote with E. one of the funniest songs – in English . The melody was based on the Yellow Submarine of Beatles. We had lots of fun!
  • I also remembered the first relocation abroad and specifically to Castellon De La Plana, Spain, always by train … My friends G, L and I with big  and heavy suitcases, happiness all around us and dreams just about to become reality … I remember our impatience to get as soon as possible to the station so as to begin the search of a new apartment !
  • First time outside Europe, by  train of course, was when I took it from the Central Station of Washington DC  for  New York! I remember  that the ticket was really expensive  but I had such a good company (my ex colleagues from Panteion University) and so looking forward to seeing Big  Apple that  I had deleted immediately the annoyance of the train ticket’s high price.
  • I finally remembered, the first time  having taken the train in Italy in order to go to work … How can I forget that day? 7 in the morning waiting for the train on the platform 2  for Milan, full of impatience and anxiety about “the new things” that were  waiting for me at the Central Station of Milan!

The train stopped violently and kicked me out of my thoughts! So we arrived in Milan today too! I surpassed the annoying woman sitted next to me and with a big smile I wrote on my mobile phone a note which would remind me to capture- by posting an article on my blog- all those first times in the train and the feeling of impatience and optimism that accompanied them …

What about you? When was your first time..? Give me some feedback



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