10 reasons to visit Bratislava

Last week’s travel destination was a country that up until my trip I knew nothing but a few basic info about: Slovakia. Its capital, Bratislava, is a small city of great significance, as it is bordering three different countries: Hungary, Austria and Czech Republic. That makes it an ideal destination for those wishing to organize daily excursions to explore the neighboring countries.

Trans-Mongolian: Next stop Mongolia

The Trans-Mongolian offers a whole different experience compared to the Trans-Siberian; a much newer and consequently, cleaner and modern train, I definitely wish I could spend more time on than just 24 hours. In my cabin this time, I meet a Mongolian guy that seems quite disturbed by my presence. He nearly spoke to me during the rest of the trip!

10 reasons to visit Sitia

Here come again these gloomy, winter days when the only thing to cheer you up is either reminiscing about your summer holidays or daydreaming about the future ones to come. Of course, since it’s a bit early to think of summer or summer holidays for that matter, all I can do for now is try adding a pop of blue in the grey winter days by going through the photos I’ve taken 15 days ago on my last trip in Sitia. Located in eastern Crete, Sitia is a magical place. A place that seduced me and made me think of spending the summer of 2016 there to explore the hidden treasures of Sitia – as it was practically impossible to see everything during my 2-day stay there. Plus, I was promised an authentic Cretan fair at the village of Exo Mouliana in the beginning of August. With that on mind,…

Single but NOT alone

Should you been reading this blog for a while now, you probably know that besides sharing my travel stories, there’s something else I share without using any kind of infiltration – except photos, of course: my thoughts in all sorts of life issues. My travel stories  are always leading the way both on this blog and in my life. Besides that though, when you’re almost constantly on the move, you cannot help but contemplate on life, passion and feelings. Some of these thoughts, I’m going to share with you on this post – since traveling. So, here I am, on the 7th floor of my hotel in Bangkok, chilling by the pool, the widest smile on my face. By myself. Thoughts rushing in – I cannot stop them when I’m alone, I know that by now. It is the time when a restless talk with myself begins. Why are you…

THE TBEX FACTOR! #throwback

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you probably know that all my belated posts concern either an exciting trip or a great event I participated to. This happens for a reason; it’s always difficult for me to accept that something that amazing is over. It somehow bothers me. TBEX Athens was such an event as it took a while since I had come in terms with the fact that it was over. To be honest, I never knew there was such a conference, until recently. I came across it’s website 6 months before it being held here in Athens, just across the street where my office is. That can’t be a coincidence  thought and I booked my participation instantly. It was 5 months later though, when I came to realise the significance of such a mass travel conference. Travel bloggers from all around the globe began interacting…


My first Trans-Siberian series post went up last week – it was a pretty explanatory guide of the train and its overall route. If you read it, loved the idea but began to worry about all the details of the trip – tickets, travel documents etc. – then, worry no more! Keep reading to find out everything concerning the trip and the necessary procedures – it’s easier than you thought. Step 1 – Passport Passport is essential for entering all 3 countries the Trans-Siberian crosses. In order to issue a new passport – if you don’t already have one – you have to pay an administrative fee of 84.50 euros, file an application form, take photos and visit a Passport Office to finally get your booklet. (Estimated time of issue; 8 working days) My option? I just clicked here and learned everything there is to know. Step 2 – Airplane…


“There is no railway journey of comparable length anywhere in the world.The Trans-Siberian is the big train ride.  All the rest are peanuts.” Eric Newby wrote in his book “The Big Red Train Ride” published in 1978. 37 years later, here I am, a crazy trainlover booking a ticket on the same train, determined to decide whether or not our beloved British author was right. TransSiberian Railway ; the railway line crossing 1/3 of our planet – almost 8,000 km – cfollowing a 6-days route, connecting Russia from one side to the other. There are two ways to cross Siberia riding the TransSiberian; either you jump on the continuous line or you choose the line that makes several stops along the way, offering you the chance to hop on and off between cities. You should choose the latter; it is undoubtedly not only the cheapest but the most interesting way…

#KeralaStories: 10 reasons to visit India

You’ve never been to India – you’d love to plan a trip but you’re quite hesitant. Well, not anymore, since today I’ll list 10 reasons why you should visit India without a second thought! The impressive Taj Mahal next to skinny people sitting silent in empty, dirty streets peering at passers-by with their huge eyes; that’s what comes to most people’s mind when they think of India. But that is not what India is all about. It’s a country full of colors, full of spicy foods and the smell of spices in the air, it’s a country of inspiring music, magical beaches, huge areas of green and aquatic roads crossing all its southwestern coast. It’s a country made out of its differences. Northern India is quite poor, with a high percentage of illiteracy among its residents – 90% of those are Hindus – warm climate, high temperatures and cities and…

#KeralaStories: Exploring the Backwaters of Kerala

It’s about time I share with you the most beautiful part of Kerala! Disclaimer; everything you’re about to read along with every photo you’re about to see, is nothing compared to what you would experience and see if you were to visit this place. Follow my adventures for now, to get a taste from this green paradise on earth till you get to plan your own trip to India – really soon hopefully. Our day started rather early on that Wednesday morning – around 6 o’clock. I wouldn’t have done otherwise, since our hotel (The Quilon Beach Hotel) offered such a magical view calling for an early start – just to watch the sunrise on the beach. So, there I was at sunrise in Kollam beach walking by a few local fishermen who had just returned ashore. At this extremely early and different stroll at the beach, I had a…

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