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Travelling on the Trans-Siberian: 10 useful tips

A long-desired trip which I’ve been dreaming about for awhile now, marked with the number 8 on my travel bucket list finally came true: that was my recent Trans-Siberian trip. And since I’ve been getting a lot of questions – questions I myself had when beginning to organize this trip – I decided to prepare a post providing useful tips and information on a variety of matters concerning the life on the train. Travelling on the Trans-Siberian is a life goal for many people around the world while for others it is either a distant and faraway possibility, an outrageaous and dangerous idea or, on the other hand, an exciting adventure they wish to live but they are completely unaware of the specifics when it comes to organizing it. Before jumping on the train, I came across various dilemmas, as well as fear and anxiety, mainly caused by the lack…

Last week’s travel destination was a country that up until my trip I knew nothing but a few basic info about: Slovakia. Its capital, Bratislava, is a small city of great significance, as it is bordering three different countries: Hungary, Austria and Czech Republic. That makes it an ideal destination for those wishing to organize daily excursions to explore the neighboring countries.

The Trans-Mongolian offers a whole different experience compared to the Trans-Siberian; a much newer and consequently, cleaner and modern train, I definitely wish I could spend more time on than just 24 hours. In my cabin this time, I meet a Mongolian guy that seems quite disturbed by my presence. He nearly spoke to me during the rest of the trip!

She made me promise that I would return soon. Easy. I had already promised the same to myself – the day before when leaving the camp at OXY. That is the hard part when leaving; Knowing that you could have offered so much more if given more time. Knowing that people are going to keep coming, needing your help – needing everyone’s help.

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