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Athenshttps://tstories.gr/en/my-athens-eng-version/ is a chaotic city with its hustle and bustle being one of its most hated characteristics – according to many.

To me, on the contrary, Athens is an amazing city with a unique personality. A living and breathing organism that slowly but steadily develops, growing better each day. Each step forward brings a series of setbacks and difficulties but that doesn’t prevent many young Athenians from trying to revitalize the city’s image and spirit. Whether that is by launching businesses like new shops, cute cafes and great bars or by adding colour to its grey, monotonous corners, filling them with various graffiti and stencils similar to those decorating some of the biggest European cities like Lisbon, Berlin, Prague and London.


Its beautiful graffiti are reason enough to fall in love with this city as they are comparable to those of great cities around Europe known for their amazing street art.

I have made Athens graffiti a part of the tour I give to my friends coming from all around the world as they are an irreplaceable part of its youthful “urban” side, full of colors and touches of modern street art.

I decided to share with you my top 10 favorite Athens graffiti – until now – since this is the best way to add some color to those gloomy winter days.

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1. A 3d woman portrait in one of my favorite Athens districts, Psyrri, created by Achilles. The little alley where you can check it out is Tournavitou street- or Tin Pan Alley, named after the events space located at the small alley.

2. Sonke has its art spread all around from walls, old cars, underground passageways and they’re characteristically familiar since they feature mesmerizing patterns, hearts flowers and sorrowful-looking princesses.

Every corner of Psirri hosts one of his designs with the one below being one my most favorites. You’ll find it at Mikonos street.


3. At Miaouli street, right next to Monastiraki station, you may want to look up and check out the view since this colorful design will catch your eye immediately with its vivid colors adding light and perspective to one of the most grey districts of Athens. It is a Woozy design from the talented Carpe Diem graffiti team.


4. Another graffiti by the Carpe Diem team – an INCREDIBLE one. Every once and a while when I’m at Psirri district, I spend a good ten minutes just admiring it. I get so distracted by the view that I always forget to look for the exact street name. I’ll have to go back and check it out!

Posted by Travelstories From My World on Monday, February 23, 2015


5. This colorful house is located – where else? – at Psirri district. It could be definitely named the most colorful house in Athens. The eloquent graffiti decorating its exterior are the work of art of Shillinglaw and Malarko. You can spot it at 9 Epikourou street where Ms. Kiriaki, the owner, will most probably be eager to share a word with you.


6. Right across the street, a pair of expressive eyes will be looking at you. The same pair I had spotted a while ago at Gounari street in Thessaloniki since its artist, Simoni Fontana, has her work spread on the building of Thessaloniki, Athens and Cyprus.


7. As a part of the “Little Paris of Athens” festival, WD created the “Knowledge speaks – Wisdom listens” graffiti at Larissis Railway Station a while ago. Spot it in the corner of Samou and Konstantinou Palaiologou streets.


8. Another district full of interesting graffiti is Kerameikos area. Some of the most creative ones are on the walls of the Technopolis cultural events hub – like the one shown below.

Don't stay still

Posted by Travelstories From My World on Friday, February 19, 2016

9. A graffiti created by the Athens School of Fine Arts, this time located at Kolonaki district and specifically at Kriezotou street – it is one of the most picture-perfect graffiti of the city.


10. Inside a parking at Michalakopoulou street, you’ll find this painting-like graffiti. It seems to emanate a weird blend of melancholy and tranquility – I guess it reminds me of my careless childhood years back in the day. Isn’t it beautiful?


My top 10 favorite graffiti in Thessaloniki and other cities of Greece and Cyprus are coming up soon. Stay tuned and follow me on Instagram for more colorful posts!



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