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Ten Reasons To Visit Prague

Prague wasn’t on my bucket list for quite a while. Some of the most popular pictures of the city were depicting it as a snowy, winter paradise – nothing more than every other capital of similar neighbouring countries. Somehow I also thought Prague wasn’t exactly the ideal destination for a solo traveller. I can’t define why I was feeling so hesitant about visiting Prague but I did. Until a business trip came on and I had to fly to Prague. In the middle of the summer. Alone. And just because I had no expectations whatsoever, I fell in love with this magical city! Its colors, its flowers, its gastronomy and its cafes. And while Prague is a popular destination during winter, I would highly recommend you visiting the capital of the Czech Republic from May to August. Will you join me? Flowers – lots of flowers! First thing I…

“Aren’t you afraid?” I’ve heard that question so many times in the past – in almost every trip I take whether it is a million miles away or an 1-hour trip from home. The word “fear” keeps coming up in every conversation I have lately.

Last week’s travel destination was a country that up until my trip I knew nothing but a few basic info about: Slovakia. Its capital, Bratislava, is a small city of great significance, as it is bordering three different countries: Hungary, Austria and Czech Republic. That makes it an ideal destination for those wishing to organize daily excursions to explore the neighboring countries.