Love & romance on the road

Yes, you figured it out well. This post is all about “on the road romance” – a step-by-step guide of the events taking place when you fall in love while traveling. That is the kind of love that comes uninvited. You don’t go looking for it. Neither hope for it. It just happens! It happens unexpectedly and it’s almost like hearing it say: “Here I am. Maybe not for long. But here I am.” And most of the times, you’ll need a dictionary since it will tell you so in a foreign language or – best case scenario – in poor English. It comes rushing in. It leaves you breathless, trying to figure out what is going on. And right when you thought that, that was it, it revives you, breathing life into you like a gentle Aegean breeze. It is the kind of love that makes your eyes glow…

To me, on the contrary, Athens is an amazing city with a unique personality. A living and breathing organism that slowly but steadily develops, growing better each day. Each step forward brings a series of setbacks and difficulties but that doesn’t prevent many young Athenians from trying to revitalize the city’s image and spirit.

A stroll downtown Athens, a coffee break at Plaka district, a walk around Acropolis with a Greek souvlaki, reading a newspaper at Panteion University, window-shopping at my neighborhood in Nea Ionia, a beer at Nea Filadelfia, breathing the salty air near the sea in Faliro

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